Swim Techniques​: Front Crawl (Face In)

The infamous front crawl.

When I tell new clients, “Show me what you can do.” this is what they attempt to show me…child and/or adult.

So let’s talk about the front crawl or better know as freestyle.

First things first…you MUST put your face in the water. So many times I see people “swimming” and their face is not in the water, their back is so arched, and feet are kicking way too hard.


Image result for front crawl diagram
via Physics of Swimming


Face In

You notice how the swimmer has his/her face in the water. Not only is it in the water, but it’s looking at the bottom of the pool.

If you don’t get your face in the water, your legs will struggle to rise to the surface, making it harder to move.

So I always use this example with my clients no matter the age.Related image

You remember a seesaw? Seesaws are GREAT! A person sits on each end, and they take turns pushing their feet against the ground to lift their side into the air.

Well, it’s the same thing with swimming and why putting your face in the water is important. Lifting your head up makes your legs go down and vice versa.

Ok, so that’s Step One with the front crawl aka freestyle.

Next time you’re in the pool try it and let me know how it works out for you!  I’d be really glad to know.

Next: Just Keep Kicking

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