Lesson Levels

Parent/Tot Classes (2 months – 35 months)
(Parents in the water with their child and the Swim Instructor)
Introduces safety awareness and provides an excellent opportunity to develop pre-swimming skills in a fun atmosphere. Parent/Tot classes are geared towards children ages 2 months to 35 months, with five levels. (click on link to learn about the different levels)

Preschool Classes (3-5yrs)
Level 1: For beginners who are unsure of the water and cannot swim on their own. Children will learn submersion, blowing bubbles, kicking and floating on stomach and back.

Level 2: For swimmers who can float on their front and back and can comfortably put their face in the water and can swim a short distance without support. Children begin to learn over arm paddle stroke, breathing, and swimming on their back.

Level 3: For swimmers who can travel 10 -15 feet without support on their front and back. Children begin to work on stroke development and increasing endurance.

Youth Classes (6-15 yrs)

Level 1: These swimmers build confidence through basic skill development, learning to submerge, float, kick, and use a rudimentary paddle. The students also learn self-help and basic rescue skills. The objective of the level is to give students success with basic skills.

Level 2: These swimmers are comfortable in the water and possess basic swimming skills of front and back floating, comfort with their face in the water. Children begin to learn the crawl stroke and the fundamentals of rotary breathing and treading water.

Level 3: The intermediate swimmers are able to swim front crawl with rotary breathing 25 yards and possess comfort with the back crawl. There is more focus on the breast stroke, side stroke, butterfly and more advanced rescue skills. The objective of this level is for participants to gain endurance through continuing stroke development and to improve other aquatic skills.

Adult Classes

These classes are at least 45-60 minutes long and designed for people aged 16 & up who are interested in learning to swim or gaining additional comfort in their current knowledge and abilities.

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