Tuesday Tips: Take the Plunge

Take the Plunge (via Parents.com) Inevitably, some kids will cry about going in the water even after weeks of sitting poolside. “It’s hard for parents to see their child work through that kind of fear,” explains Emmalee Morse, an aquatics supervisor for Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Go ahead and carry your child into shallow water — evenContinue reading “Tuesday Tips: Take the Plunge”

Tuesday Tips: Top 10 Series

For the next 10 Tuesdays (7 left) I will blog about 1 of the 10 Top Tips for Parents of Swimmers. Here we go…. Don’t coach your child. You are involved in one of the few youth sports programs that offer professional coaching. Do not undermine the professional coach by trying to coach your childContinue reading “Tuesday Tips: Top 10 Series”