Tuesday Tips: Take a dip!

Take a dip. (via Parents.com) When non-swimming parents rise above their fears and conquer the water, it sends a powerful and persuasive message to their children that will resonate far beyond the pool. Throughout the learning process, parents and children can work as a team by acting as each other’s biggest cheerleader. “I’ve seen parents whoContinue reading “Tuesday Tips: Take a dip!”

Tuesday Tips: Mommy and Me

Enroll in a mommy-and-me swimming class. (via Parents.com) These programs, for kids ages 6 to 36 months, introduce swimming in a small and comfortable setting and help toddlers develop the motor skills needed to swim. “Parents don’t have to be swimmers to participate—the pool is very shallow so they just need to stand in the water,”Continue reading “Tuesday Tips: Mommy and Me”

Tuesday Tips: Forget the Floaties

Forget the Floaties (via Parents.com) You may have bought your child floaties (also called water wings) for his arms to make him feel more comfortable, but experts advise against them. Not only can they give him a false sense of security, but they discourage proper form because they force his body to be vertical instead ofContinue reading “Tuesday Tips: Forget the Floaties”