Words cannot describe how at ease I was putting my kids in this instructor’s hands/care. I was not the nervous mom that I was when I attempted swim lessons elsewhere prior to Miss Marla.

Dr. T (Nigeria)

Swimming lessons with Ms. Marla!! One of them [twins] was extremely terrified of the water the first couple of days, but she surprised us all and was so courageous and a little less nervous. I’m so very very proud of them both for what they’ve learned in their introduction to swimming and for conquering this fear of the water in just 4 short lessons. Thank you Ms. Marla!! You’re awesome! 😘

#grangransgirls #MsMarlaslittleswimteam #thetwinsloveyou

Wanda S. (Tennessee)

I would definitely recommend Coach Marla. I registered myself and three sons for private swim lessons. She is a friendly instructor and really helped remove the fear of water for all of us.

Jane B. (Nigeria)

Thank you Marla so much for making an impact on my life!  You will always be in my mind. You made my dream come true. I feel so lucky that I got you as my swim coach.  I will always love you for doing this for me!

Munira Siddiqi (Nigeria)

Miss Hunter was a great instructor! I was swimming in a week’s time!

Rebekah Jackson (Tennessee)

Marla took my baby from a non-swimmer and turned him into a beginner in just a couple of lessons. Now, almost five years later, he still asks about Ms. Marla.. you know the lady who talks funny and taught me how to swim. I like her… Marla is a great instructor with the patience of a turtle.

Angee Graham (Tennessee)

Miss Marla is such a patient (and funny too) teacher! She did an awesome job working with my daughter, teaching her the basics of swimming! I would defiantly recommend her.

Nikki Naar-Hunter (Florida)

I am a mother of two daughters Keziah (8) & Zoe (5) who greatly enjoyed having Ms. Marla Hunter as their swim instructor.

After meeting her the first day we had a connection it seemed instantly. I stayed for each lesson and Ms. Hunter was always punctual, professional and pleasant. A true delight! In our getting acquainted learned she was a 1st grade teacher and it truly showed in how well she worked with my daughters.

Ms. Hunter is patient, firm in teaching and has great communication skills. My daughters were very receptive  to her and learned a lot. And must admit…so did I. They feel as I did, in love with Ms. Hunter’s spirit and passion for her craft. She makes you want to learn and not to be afraid of the water. This truly put a sparkle in my eyes as a parent to see them enjoying swim lessons.

My husband and mother-in-law both were also impressed and complimentary of Ms. Hunter. She is truly gifted and skilled in Aquatics with a special nurturing quality. Ms. Hunter has been a blessing to us and “sky’s the limit” for her.

Cassandra Threalkill (Tennessee)

Marla Hunter provided swim lessons for my children. I was very excited because I really wanted my children to learn to swim. My son already thought he could swim and Marla took the eagerness and showed him the correct way to swim. Within a 2 lessons he was using his legs and arms in the proper manner to swim.

My daughter who was 12 years old at the time had a bit of fear when it came to  swimming. Marla encouraged her that she could do it and taught her how to have confidence when it came to swimming. My daughter now thoroughly enjoys swimming and now has the confidence needed to do so. She has even expressed wanting to  join a swim team.

Marla is an excellent swim teacher and everyone I came in contact with I told them about the fabulous way she taught and how quickly my children caught on. I am excited about this coming summer so that she can teach them again.  I am proud and honored that Marla taught my children this past summer.

Rhonda Brown (Tennessee)