Cassandra | Nashville, TN

I am a mother of two daughters Keziah (8) & Zoe (5) who greatly enjoyed having Ms. Marla Hunter as their swim instructor.

After meeting her the first day we had a connection it seemed instantly. I stayed for each lesson and Ms. Hunter was always punctual, professional and pleasant. A true delight! In our getting acquainted learned she was a 1st grade teacher and it truly showed in how well she worked with my daughters.

Ms. Hunter is patient, firm in teaching and has great communication skills. My daughters were very receptive  to her and learned a lot. And must admit…so did I. They feel as I did, in love with Ms. Hunter’s spirit and passion for her craft. She makes you want to learn and not to be afraid of the water. This truly put a sparkle in my eyes as a parent to see them enjoying swim lessons.

My husband and mother-in-law both were also impressed and complimentary of Ms. Hunter. She is truly gifted and skilled in Aquatics with a special nurturing quality. Ms. Hunter has been a blessing to us and “sky’s the limit” for her.