Coach Marla Teaches 4 Siblings | Fort Washington, MD

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Coach Marla. She is Enthusiastic, Engaged, and Eager! I have 4 children, and she conducted swim lessons for all 4 of them at the SAME TIME! #1 – It was perfect for my schedule #2 – Her business model as a mobile coach worked excellent for my family!

Truthfully, my children weren’t always as eager as Coach Marla, because kids are scared and moody. She spoke confidence into their spirits. She had them recite words to positively influence their self esteem. My 4yr old son went from not swimming at all to backstroking across the entire swimming pool in 1 8wk session. I can hear him now “chicken, airplane, soldier!” Even my 6month old baby was on his back, kicking those little feet across the pond.

I am beyond grateful for her expertise and her influence on my children to help keep them safe while swimming!