Rhonda | Memphis, TN

Marla Hunter provided swim lessons for my children. I was very excited because I really wanted my children to learn to swim. My son already thought he could swim and Marla took the eagerness and showed him the correct way to swim. Within a 2 lessons he was using his legs and arms in the proper manner to swim.

My daughter who was 12 years old at the time had a bit of fear when it came to  swimming. Marla encouraged her that she could do it and taught her how to have confidence when it came to swimming. My daughter now thoroughly enjoys swimming and now has the confidence needed to do so. She has even expressed wanting to  join a swim team.

Marla is an excellent swim teacher and everyone I came in contact with I told them about the fabulous way she taught and how quickly my children caught on. I am excited about this coming summer so that she can teach them again.  I am proud and honored that Marla taught my children this past summer.